Installation and operation of energy storage and electric car charging station

As committed fans of intelligent, environmentally friendly transport solutions, we offer energy storage and electric car charging systems and networks with more than 5 years of system engineering expertise. As a system engineer, from the needs assessment to the design to the implementation, we keep everything in one hand, we deliver a complete solution.

Characteristics of our electric car charging stations


We deliver optimal solutions related to specific environmental opportunities and expectations.


Our filling columns comply with Hungarian and European regulations and fire protection regulations.


Our systems have been tried and tested, easy to use and practical.


Our chargers are capable of delivering energy over a wide range.


We also install our filling stations supplemented with energy storage systems, thus minimizing the development cost of the power supply network.

Data collection and management of chargers


Electronic, user-friendly and easy-to-use surface


It can be customized to individual needs, such as: choice of paid services, control by applications


By analyzing the data, operating, payment and smart city constructions can be developed in a cost-effective way.


The analysis of usage trends provides guidelines for the development of the market.

elektromos autó töltőállomás

Working process

As system engineers, we not only perform the integration, but we also design the traffic information system according to the customer’s needs. Taking the burden off the shoulders of our clients, we deliver a complete solution, we also take care of the procurement, implementation and maintenance of software and hardware.

Further Services

Modern application development

With our development optimizing solutions the applications are going to take their place on the market faster with higher customer satisfaction. In our experience the most common bottleneck is the availability of human resources during projects. In response we come up with development outsourcing which provides long-term cost-efficient operation for our customers because they don’t have to hire more employees.

Road Transportation Informatics

With more than 5 years of experience we support road constructors and operators work in the field of fixed track or road traffic. As an exclusive distributor of Asian and West European traffic management systems and displays we provide high-technologies to our customers.

Next-generation network technologies

The future of networks, including 5G mobile networks, is also based on cloud-based technologies, typically SDN, NFV and Kubernetes-based solutions. Our employees have unique knowledge in Hungary, are experts in technologies with a PhD degree, and are pioneers in the spread of these applications in practice.


The members of our team have 15-20 years of experience in IT-security, system integration, architecting and development. Thanks to our complex knowledge we provide you the comprehensive IT-security service from ethic hacking to auditing. We have up-to-date knowledge of operating systems, networks and development technologies.