Systems engineering at a higher level.

As system engineers we assess, we plan, we implement with the latest technologies.

About us

We are not system integrators, we are system engineers.

As system engineers we plan and implement the ideal system that satisfies the needs of our customers. The customers only have to formulate the problem to which we will deliver the proper technology and solution. We are not committed to any technology, that’s why we can implement the best system possible with the freedom of choice.


Modern application development

With our development optimizing solutions the applications are going to take their place on the market faster with higher customer satisfaction. In our experience the most common bottleneck is the availability of human resources during projects. In response we come up with development outsourcing which provides long-term cost-efficient operation for our customers because they don’t have to hire more employees.

Road Transportation Informatics

With more than 5 years of experience we support road constructors and operators work in the field of fixed track or road traffic. As an exclusive distributor of Asian and West European traffic management systems and displays we provide high-technologies to our customers.

Next-generation network technologies

The future of networks, including 5G mobile networks, is also based on cloud-based technologies, typically SDN, NFV and Kubernetes-based solutions.

Our employees have unique knowledge in Hungary, are experts in technologies with a PhD degree, and are pioneers in the spread of these applications in practice.


The members of our team have 15-20 years of experience in IT-security, system integration, architecting and development. Thanks to our complex knowledge we provide you the comprehensive IT-security service from ethic hacking to source code auditing. We have up-to-date knowledge of operating systems, networks and development technologies.